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14. December 2018

Personal reflections about the last three years

I am taking a moment in my busy schedule to pose and reflect about the last three years. It’s exactly three years ago that #austria went into the first #covid19 #lockdown

Back then we could not image how life would change in the coming months and years and how long this #virus would stick with us and challenge us!

For me, these last three years where clearly shaping: just before the #pandemic arrived, I gave birth to our daughter, the most amazing and blessed experience in my life, while at the same time challenging for me personally as my life for the last 23 years was focussed on work and suddenly everything was different. Shortly afterwards I lost my beloved mother totally unexpectedly from one day to the other.

Honestly, it took me some time to get used to my new priorities but it also made me quickly realise that I LOVE my role as a mother AND my job and that I need to find a way to combine family and career, for the #wellbeing of all family members!

Three year later, things feel much lighter: our daughter loves being in #kindergarten where she is very well looked after, my work at GWNET: Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition gives me #satisfaction and #meaning and I feel blessed working with many talented women in energy from all around the world.

In these last years, I learned to #prioritise , to #focus on the essential but also on my own needs. I am conscious that I am a better mother, wife, manager, team member, professional etc. if my batteries are charged! Of course I often struggle to fit everything into a day that (also for me) only has 24 hours but overall I manage quite well! I am very #grateful about the experience to work in a #remoteteam and of course I love the fact that physical meetings are again getting possible – a combination of #virtual and #inperson seems the perfect mix.

I feel that these last three years have made me more #resilient – like these beautiful tulips in the snow!

#worklifebalance #reflections #motherhood #career #parentingislikeleadership #lifeisgood

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