Reference projects

T hroughout my career, I have been involved in a wide range of activities centring on sustainable energy, a selection of which are listed below:


RENEWABLES GLOBAL STATUS REPORT Throughout my time at REN21, the Renewables Global Status Report became the global reference report on renewable energy. Together with my team, we enlarged the contributor community from 400 to 2,000 and we developed and implemented a comprehensive outreach and communication strategy, resulting in annual press coverage of more than 1,500 media articles in 50 languages.


DIVERSIFYING REN21’S ACTIVITY PORTFOLIO Creation of exchange and debate is fundamental to understanding different viewpoints and advance sustainable energy. I have had the opportunity to initiate the development of the REN21 Renewables Academy as well the Renewables Global Futures Report series. Regional renewable energy reports were also created in order to advance the regional debate on renewable energy.


Initiated at the renewables2004 conference in Bonn, the International Renewable Energy Conferences (IRECs) are a high-level political conference series dedicated exclusively to renewable energy policy worldwide. IRECs have as well served as motor for policy development in the respective host country (2004: Germany; 2005: China; 2008: USA; 2010: India; 2013: United Arab Emirates; 2015: South Africa; 2017: Mexico). I have had the privilege of being intimately involved in the organisation of all IRECs including helping to convene 1,500 – 3,000 decision makers from all around the world.


UNITED VOICE FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY For more than a decade, I worked towards representing the European renewable energy industry with one voice. Back in 2004, EREC and its members launched a call for a binding renewable energy target for the European Union by 2020 which initiated the creation of the back then most ambitious piece of legislation on renewable energy world-wide: the Energy and Climate Package which was adopted in 2009 and which contained the European Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources with its binding target of at least 20% renewable energy in final energy consumption by 2020.


RES ON HOLIDAYS In the framework of this EU-cofunded project which I co-ordinated, we created maps and brochures for regions in Austria, Italy, Sweden and the UK, highlighting renewable energy projects that can be visited by tourists. These were promoted by the respective tourism boards. Interactive information panels displayed up-to-date information on the different renewable energy sites such as e.g. energy production data, history of the project, etc..


  • More than 20 years of professional experience in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency with a strong network of contacts in the sustainable energy arena both from the private and the public sector
  • Extensive professional network at the highest level
  • Strong personal commitment to renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access at the international level
  • Open-minded personality with extensive management experience and strong diplomatic skills for handling politically sensitive situations and contexts
  • Extensive experience in managing highly efficient international teams with varied cultural backgrounds
  • Proactive attitude to problem solving, result-orientated, used to generating solutions by thinking “outside the box”; strong client orientation
  • Highly developed communication skills (both oral and written)