My offer


Design, development of funding proposals, project management, project evaluation

Do you have an idea but not the time to develop the needed strategy, workplan, budget and success indicators? Could you use an extra hand on implementing an existing project? I would be happy to support you with my long-lasting diverse experience in the sustainable energy sector.


Creation and animation

I am convinced that today’s challenges require close collaboration between the public and the private sector. “Connecting the dots” and working in a collaborative manner are key. The creation and animation of networks has played an important role in my career and has allowed me to gain insights in ensuring that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I am ready to put my experience around networks to work and help you build or animate yours.


Organisation and moderation

Do you need help with organising an event, independent of the format or the size? I have experience in the conceptualising, planning and executing events of all kinds: team workshops, project meetings, training courses, and conferences of different sizes, ranging from 100 to 3,000 participants. Furthermore, I am experienced in, and enjoy moderating discussions and serving as a “Master of Ceremonies” for larger events.


Women in the energy sector

Do you feel intimated by the fact that the energy sector is still heavily male-dominated? Having witnessed the gender imbalance myself I would like to support talented women to advance their career in sustainable energy by providing tailor-made coaching. I am trained coach and mediator. Let me help you realise your full potential!