T his section features regular updates about sustainable energy as well as references to interesting articles I come across. The published updates are intended to inform, to provoke reflection but also to generate feedback and interaction. Don't hesitate to send me your comments/feedback, let's compare experiences and start a converation about how to advance the energy transition!

14. March 2023

Personal reflections about the last three years

I am taking a moment in my busy schedule to pose and reflect about the last three years. It’s exactly three years ago that #austria went into the […]
14. December 2018

My 2018 highlights

The end of 2018 is approaching rapidly, time to pause and reflect about the past year. For me it was marked by a transition, moving back […]
21. June 2018

Gender equality for a quicker energy transition

“Reducing gender inequality makes economic sense apart from being the right thing to do,” concludes a World Bank report from May 2018. While a plethora of reports […]
24. April 2018

A smooth transition to the next phase of my professional life

Here I am back in Austria after 17 years living and working abroad. When I left Austria in 2001 and started to work in Brussels, renewables […]